Monday, October 14, 2019

Keep Valves Functioning with These 3 Maintenance Tips

Keep Valves Functioning with These 3 Maintenance Tips
We cannot neglect the importance of valves in regulating the flow of air or liquid in tubing or pipes. Although a lot of people most times do not pay attention to them until the valves develop a fault.
Nevertheless, properly maintaining the valves can effectively keep the valves functioning for a long time, and can prevent the occurrence of any form of fault in the first instance. Below are some maintenance tips you can utilize to do some easy but necessary maintenance on your valves.

Keep the area clean

Maintaining your valves does not have to be complicated, and stressful. In some cases, the easiest way you can avoid repairs that are costly is with a fast and simple cleaning. Based on the kind of valve, and where the valve is located, you will just need to wipe the dust or dirt on the valve with a towel, or make use of a wire brush to clean off caked-on gunk.
At the minimum, you should clean your valves two times a year. It is a fast and easy way to ensure that the entire system lasts long. And you do not have to spend money to do that.

Equipment inspection

Taking time to inspect your equipment is another easy and free way you can maintain your valves. Firstly, you have to just observe the valves, to detect if there are any leaks. A method by which you can easily detect leaks is by looking for signs of corrosion, mineral build-up or rust. Widespread leaks might require you to change the valve, or minimally the broken and worn pieces of the valve.
After that, open and close the valves to make sure that they have not seized, and check the temperature and pressure of the means passing through the valves. Make sure that they are not near or over the rated limit of the valves you are making use of.
It is importantly that you regularly monitor high-stress valves more than those with a reduced stress.

Lubrication of the valves

A lot of people overlook the aspect of lubrication in the proper maintenance of the valves. Nevertheless, not applying grease and lubrication on valves can result to their seizure or a great decrease in the performance of the valves.
Regularly lubricating the valves can be of great help in extending the service life of the valves. The trick to ensure that the lubricant gets into the cavity of the valve is to rotate the valve. This will help you lengthen the valve life by reducing or preventing wear.
Furthermore, protecting valves by lubricating them may require you to also prevent the interference of the ambient temperature changes particularly if the pipes are outside.

Final words

Maintaining your valves might sometimes look difficult. But taking some of your time and effort to do it will help you keep the system running for a long time. not properly maintaining your valves can result to a non-effective system. Valve maintenance is very much important to the syste.